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About Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Group

Ed Slott, CPA with Master Elite IRA Advisor, Walter Pardo

In order for a wealth advisor to truly act in the best interest of his/her clients, it critical to stay up to date on current on the tax laws and rules that impact retirement accounts.  That's what I get as a member of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group, a prestigious study group I have been training with since March of 2011.

Ed Slott was called "the best" source of IRA advice by The Wall Street Journal, and he is the host of several public television specials, including his latest, Retire Safe and Secure! with Ed Slott.  Ed created Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group as a resource for serious professionals looking to further their education on the distribution planning phase of retirement.  This exclusive organization is comprised of the nation's top advisors.

​As a member, I attend two workshops per year where we cover complex planning strategies and the latest IRA-related cases and rulings, and I have year-round, immediate access to Ed Slott and Company's team of IRA experts who are available to consult on client cases.  I also receive email alerts on breaking news that might affect my clients so I that can act quickly in their best interest in the face of changes.  To maintain my membership, I am required to attend workshops and pass semiannual exams on the content covered.

​My membership in this organization has allowed me to become an expert in re-wirement distribution planning and provide all of my clients with exceptional service.

(Ed Slott & IFG are unaffiliated entities)

Tax Reform is Here!

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017, and most of its key provisions are now in effect. The law effectively overhauls the tax code and can have implications for your retirement plan, estate plan, education savings, and more.

2018 Key Financial Data

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Tax reform was swept through at the end of 2017, with changes that will affect virtually all tax-paying adults in the country. Here is what you need to know about various tax brackets, thresholds, limitations, and exemptions for 2018.

Choosing the Right Tax Professional in 5 Easy Steps.

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With the April deadline just a couple of months away, you may have already started reviewing your financial documents for your 2017 return. But do you have a qualified professional on your planning team? There are certain questions to ask and criteria to look for before hiring anyone.