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Wealth Financial Partners Endowment Methodology

We help to meet your investment goals via a portfolio construction process called WFP Endowment Methodology, whose key tenant is that traditional diversification may no longer be effective. 

In today’s increasingly complex markets, investors’ needs may be served more effectively by diversifying across different investment products, and not just across different asset classes. 

When it comes to achieving their investment goals, investors’ questions, for the most part, have remained the same over time. However, due to ever-evolving market conditions, it’s the answers that have changed. Investors attempting to establish sufficient resources to fund their retirement needs must seek to: 

 • Protect their principal
 • Overcome the effects of inflation
 • Avoid running out of money during retirement 

Methodology uses a comprehensive view of financial products and tools within the core principle that structure has a key role to play in achieving your investment objectives.

By incorporating the synergistic attributes of traditional investments, variable annuities and alternative investments, an Methodology proposal seeks to help you:
• Prevent your portfolio from suffering from unnecessary losses
• Protect your purchasing power against inflation
• Provide income to supplement your long-term retirement needs